How We Work

How We Work
On admission each resident is carefully oriented to the programme. A complete assessment is done by the counsellor and in consultation with the resident a treatment plan which will meet the needs of the resident is formulated. This will consist of a minimum of one hour of one to one counselling and four group therapy sessions per week. Tabor House is committed to providing residents with a professional counselling service through qualified counsellors either accredited or working towards accreditation with the ACI (Addiction Counsellors of Ireland). Our counsellors are guided by the ACI Code of Ethics.
The length of stay is approximately four months during which we aim to:
  • Evaluate and assist clients in recognising and resolving issues and behaviours relating to their addiction
  • Evaluate, develop and assist clients in identifying and maintaining systems of support
  • Nurture recovery from addiction
  • Learning alternative recreational and social skills in order to promote improved quality of life
  • Relapse prevention
  • To help individuals reach their potential

Residents will be treated respectfully and professionally at all times during their stay at Tabor House.

Tabor House residents are expected to treat each other with mutual respect at all times as outlined in the expectations listed below. This ensures that Tabor House remains a safe and secure environment in which clients can address their issues.





Tabor House is a Secondary Addiction Treatment Centre so in order to be suitable for admission to our programme our clients must have first completed a Primary Residential Addiction Treatment programme. We adopt an abstinence-based, twelve step approach to addiction treatment and as such we take referrals from addiction treatment centres who adopt a similar approach.

If a client’s counsellor in their Primary Addiction Treatment Centre decides that their client might benefit from our programme they first discuss this with the client. If both are in agreement then the counsellor will arrange with Tabor House for an assessment interview. The assessment interview takes place between the client, a family member or concerned person and a Tabor House’s counsellor. The fee for the assessment interview is €90.00.

If the client is found to be suitable they will be offered a place on the Tabor House programme or when necessary they are given a place on our waiting list. A pre-admission plan is then made between the client, their Primary Addiction Treatment Centre and Tabor House.

Whilst awaiting admission to our programme Tabor House require that clients continue to link in with their Primary Addiction Treatment Centre, attend meetings of A.A., N.A. and/or G.A., and maintain regular contact with Tabor House.

The Tabor House Programme
The Tabor House programme offers secondary addiction treatment to men over the age of 20 who have completed a primary addiction treatment programme. Tabor House provides abstinence-based treatment following the Minnesota model of addiction treatment which is used by many treatment centres throughout the world. This holistic approach combines one to one counselling, group therapy, the twelve step programme, educating clients about addiction and attendance of fellowship meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous. This is done within a structured programme which enables our clients to learn the tools, principles and life skills needed to live a sober and contented life. Our ethos is one of compassion and respect for the addicted person is founded on the belief that recovery is based on the healing of an individual’s emotional, physical and spiritual being. Tabor House aims to provide a supportive, structured environment where our residents can begin the process of healing. The Tabor House programme lasts for 4 months.

Tabor House provides a supportive structure in which clients can learn the life skills so often neglected in addiction. This structure encourages our residents to take personal responsibility for themselves. Residents are required to attend a FAS approved course each weekday morning. They are responsible for the upkeep of the house and gardens, are assigned a daily chore and participate in therapeutic duties on Saturday mornings. These are overseen by our team of experienced support workers. Residents are also assisted in learning money management skills and in taking care of any health and dental problems they might have. Our clients are also guided to build a productive future for themselves which is an essential part of a healthy recovery. They are assisted in seeking employment, gaining places on training courses or in returning to education. Tabor Houses philosophy is one of empowering recovering people to take back responsibility for themselves and those around them.

Peer Support and the Twelve Step Programme
Perhaps the most effective element of abstinence-based addiction treatment is peer support. The principle of alcoholics helping alcoholics to achieve sobriety has been around since the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous and still remains as a powerful tool for those endeavouring to recover. For the residents of Tabor House living in a therapeutic community with other recovering men is invaluable in helping them understand and overcome their addiction. Tabor House counsellors are trained in educating our clients in understanding the nature of addiction. We encourage residents to learn about the twelve step programme and how to utilise this programme in their search for sober living. We view the fellowship meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous as a huge support and attendance at these meetings is an important part of our programme.

Family Involvement
Our programme acknowledges that addiction is a disorder that affects not just the addicted person but also their family members and those close to them. Our programme stresses the need for family members to be involved in our client’s treatment. This is done through family conferences arranged between the families, our clients and their counsellor.

Meath Opportunities for Training t/a Tabor House and Community Training Initiative.
Meath Opportunities for Training (MOT) is an initiative which has developed in recent years and compliments the therapeutic milieu which is available to the residents in Tabor House.
We also work closely with the local Community Employment Schemes, Meath Jobs Club, FAS and second and third level colleges in the Meath, Louth and Dublin areas. This award winning scheme began in 2004 to provide basic social and skills training for the participants of Tabor House and members of the community.
In January 2007 the project was awarded an Aontas Star Award for best adult education programme in Leinster.

Programme Aim
–  To provide training in social and practical skills for men affected by addiction
Programme Objectives
–  To give participants a new skill base and to assist in providing a structure to their lives
–  To encourage and to assist the men enter or re-enter the workplace and/or further education
–  To provide a safe training environment allowing the men to reclaim their self confidence and self esteem

Course Content
  • ECDL
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Personal and Interpersonal Development

All Modules are certified at QQI Level 4

Classes are run Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 2.00pm and employ a full time co-ordinator plus four part-time tutors.
There is a strong emphasis based on the practical skills to be learned, and the course is delivered under the ethos of self-development and personal advancement.

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Sister Catherine honoured at Leinster House

Sr Catherine Lillis, founder and currently a director of Tabor House addiction treatment centre in Navan, has received the 7th Oireachtas Human Dignity Award.

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